Unified communications boosts collaboration

Our UC portfolio offers solutions for meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, boardrooms, control rooms, TV studios, training and classrooms, the home office and streaming live events and webinars.

Investing Can Save You Money

Unified Communications is the future of collaboration. Currently, more than a quarter of all employees work in teams that are not bound to a specific location. Efficient communication tools are essential for effective remote leadership, team building, and management. If companies were to adjust their capacity to actual needs rather than maintaining redundant resources, they could achieve significant efficiency gains. It's becoming increasingly clear that traditional communication and collaboration methods are no longer sufficient due to the growing global dispersion of work.

Video Conferencing

It's logical that meeting and collaboration methods have evolved as well. With video conferencing, you can have 'virtual' conversations or meetings, with significant time and cost savings. Because you see and hear your conversation partners as if you're sharing the same space - regardless of the distance between locations.


Aviniti also builds bridges between different systems. This way, we can connect your classic VC system to a cloud network, or integrate it with all your other IT-related communications. In short: chatting, emailing, calling, video conferencing, ... all take place on the same platform.

The Benefits of Video Conferencing?

  • Time savings, as no travel is required
  • Cost savings: no travel and accommodation expenses
  • Eco-friendly: no fuel consumption or traffic jams
  • Direct contact in urgent situations
  • Better work-life balance
  • Efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing regardless of distance
  • Ability to share and store sound, images, and documents
  • A variety of systems to choose from: MS Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

Large Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

In large meeting rooms, UC solutions can be used to integrate complex audiovisual systems, including advanced video conferencing systems, multiple screens, and high-quality audio equipment. This allows large teams at different locations to collaborate and communicate effectively during meetings, presentations, and conferences.

Medium-Sized Meeting Rooms

In medium-sized meeting rooms, UC tools can be deployed to facilitate interactive communication and collaboration among average-sized groups. This includes the use of video conferencing systems, wireless presentation capabilities, and shared screens to share ideas and support decision-making.

Small Meeting Rooms / Huddle Rooms

In small meeting rooms or huddle rooms, UC solutions can be used to facilitate quick and informal collaboration sessions among small groups. This may include the use of wireless presentation capabilities, simple video conferencing systems, and shared screens, enabling team members to easily collaborate and exchange information.

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