The importance of smart mapping

Access floor plans via a touchscreen on the office floor, Teams, portal, Outlook or Mobile App. Mapping gives employees a visual representation of the entire office.

The Interactive Map

View the availability of meeting rooms and desks on each floor. Or find an available workspace nearby that suits your needs. It's an interactive map that provides up-to-date information based on workspace and room bookings as well as check-ins. You can also add points of interest to the map, such as toilets, elevators, emergency exits, etc.

Loading Floor Plans

Provide us with a floor plan and we'll replicate it in the software. We can load different floors and even locations into the system. The map functions as both an overview and, more importantly, as a quick intuitive booking tool. There's no faster way to see where there's an available room or workspace ad hoc.

Consistency and Recognition

It may seem obvious, but it's crucial that a user sees the same interface on their mobile device, within Teams, or Outlook, etc. This is one of the strong points of this platform and significantly shortens the adoption period.

Scalable by Design

Let's start with a startup with three FTEs and 1 meeting room. Suppose the company grows successfully, opens multiple sites, hires more people, etc. Then it's just a matter of adding these elements to the platform. Everything scales with your organization.

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